Our first chit-chat (you never made it look like a counselling session for me) on the stairs of our school building, to messaging on WhatsApp, you have truly shown that help can be provided through any medium and anywhere.
-Maryum Teacher
Your homework given to me were so hilarious sometimes but equally an eye opener. With just observations, and understanding your golden mottos I started managing my emotions well. When I realised about the situations that I can’t control, I started having a better environment at home with my parents and brothers.
- A Happy Client
You never told me what to do but you helped me understand as to what I’m supposed to do. And with these bricks in my life I was able to move on. And today, I have married again and I’m so peaceful with my second hubby and my son.
- A Happy Home Maker
Archana helped me to plan different strategies to help my students to overcome these different challenges. To get them focussed in studies we scheduled goal setting sessions We equipped them with different tools to be independent learners and better individuals like reflection techniques, self study skills, peer evaluation, emotional management, anger management.
- A Satisfied High School
As a mentor, Archana was always supportive. She always helped parents and teachers to overcome their anxieties and fears before they could start working with her. Her plans were super clear and task oriented.
- A Contented Mentor
Along with professional challenges she also helped me in personal life management like work life balance, positive approach ,conflict management at home as well as work place, mental stability. She is very empathetic and connects to people easily which helps to build a good rapport and share our thoughts.
- A participant of Workshop
As a mentor you helped me to be gentler with myself - not so demanding. You also encouraged and brainstormed with me on methods on how to say no in a positive and respectful way (to myself and others). You celebrated my achievements – no matter how small.
- Participant of Mentor Training
I can definitely say that having Archana as a mentor put me on the right path. She not only guided me to be a good teacher, but also a better Mentor, a leader and the best version of myself. Thank you for all your efforts & encouragements Archana.
- Participant, Teacher training
नमस्कार. प्रत्येकाच्या आयुष्यात काही वेळ असे क्षण येतात जेव्हा मोकळेपणाने बोलावेसे वाटते. नातेवाईक, मित्र-मैत्रिणी यांच्याशी बोलणे शक्य नसते अशा वेळी अनोळखी पण आपल्या मनातलं समजून घेऊन योग्य मार्गदर्शन करणारी व्यक्ती असावी लागते. माझ्या अडचणीच्या काळात मला ऐकून घेऊन मला योग्य मार्गदर्शन अर्चना मॅडमने केलं. त्यांचा हसरा चेहरा पाहून आपण प्रसन्न होतो. आपल नक्की काय चुकतंय हे त्या समजावून सांगतात. काही वेळा कळतं पण वळत नाही अशी स्थिती असते, मग स्वतःमध्ये बदल करावा हे मॅडम चालतात धन्यवाद मॅडम.
- एक गृहिणी