Stay Positive! Stay Safe!!

Today I want to share a few things about how to remain strong, think positive and stay safe. In this time of uncertainty, we are surrounded by the feeling of helplessness, unpreparedness, stress and worry.  

One of the major sources of such feelings is what we see on the news channels. Nowadays the news of rising number of deaths is constantly flashing on the screens. The rise in the number of infected people, politicians playing the blame game, laborers walking miles towards their homes without having food, water, shelter are shown continuously. All these news make us feel sad, helpless and frustrated. These are all energy depletors.  

To avoid such emotional infection, we need to follow distancing as we maintain physical distancing. We should also maintain emotional distance from such infectious depletors, so here are a few ways to reduce helplessness and frustration.  

The first thing we need to do is to focus on our thoughts. We need to change the way we are thinking. We need to feel grateful for us for being in a better position. We must be thankful for staying at home and being safe for having good food to eat for proper shelter and having a family together with us. We should also express our gratitude towards things and other persons who actually make it happen. Be it mom, who cooks so delicious food our family members were always there with us; the shopkeepers who sell groceries, the vegetable vendors, the police and all other community helpers. We should also be grateful for the facilities like electricity, water supply, cooking, gas supply.  

Internet and all other gadgets like laptops and mobiles. By having these thoughts of gratitude will help us as energy boosters. We can actually plan some activities to express our gratitude towards various contributors. This will create positivity and help us to be proactive. We can even plan some fund-raising activities for the poor around us. Donate some things like grocery and so on. Thus, by maintaining emotional distancing from such energy depletors, we can safeguard our positivity.  

Happiness comes when we stop complaining about the troubles, we have an offer. Thanks for all the troubles we don’t have. Please think and apply it and feel free to talk to me in detail. I will see I will see you soon with some more strategies to stay emotionally safe and stay positive.  

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