Things out of Control

In the last blog we discussed about how to deal with situations that are in our control. Today we will see how to deal with problems where there are lot of factors which are not in our control. So to deal with such problems, let us use the following rules: 

  • Determine what you can control  
  • See challenges as opportunities.  
  • Accept problems with a smile.  
  • Identify your fears.  

Now let us look at each rule in detail.  

Determine what you can control: 

 You cannot prevent the storm from coming, but you can prepare for it. You can’t control how someone else behaves, but you can control how you respond. Recognize that sometimes all you can control is your effort and attitude. When you put your energy into things that you can control. You will be much more effective.  

See challenges as opportunities:  

Great people don’t give up. They live up to the challenges in life.  

We need to see the challenges as opportunities!!! 

In this picture we see challenges of the old grandparents. They might be waiting for the loved ones to return. They might be feeling sad and so on. But if we carefully look and focus in the middle of the picture of the same picture, we can see opportunities. 


We can see two men happily enjoying. And singing so life throws different situations. We need to choose the opportunities in them. 

Accept problems with a smile:  

We don’t laugh at the same joke again. Why do we cry on the same problem again? Replaying conversations in our head or imagining disastrous outcomes over and over again is not helpful. So ask whether your thinking is productive. If you’re actively solving a problem such as trying to find out ways to increase chances of success, keep working on the solution. If however, you’re wasting your time ruminating, change the channel in your brain!!! 

Identify your fears: 

Are you predicting a disastrous outcome? Do you doubt your ability to cope with these disappointments? Usually, the worst-case scenario isn’t as tragic as you might envision, but sometimes people are so busy thinking I can’t allow my family to suffer. That they have no time to ask themselves. What would I do if my family actually suffers? Acknowledging that you can handle the worst-case scenario can help you put into energy into more productive exercises. I used to remind myself… Either take an action or calm down. The first one, “Take Action” is making it happen. 

Whenever I catch myself saying something like “I hope I do everything right today.” I remind myself … “I will make it happen!!” It reminds me that I am in control of my actions. 

When I’m finding myself thinking about some things, I have no control over like… “I hope I don’t lose my job!!”, I tell myself … “I can handle it!!”  

Those quick little phrases keep me from wasting time on things that I can’t control. I’ll either do what I can to make it happen or deal with things I have no control over. 

 If you want to talk more about this, please call me or write an email. 

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