Dealing with Irrational Thoughts

Hi, in today’s blog we are going to look at a very common pattern of irrational thoughts where things are viewed more negatively than they really are. If these patterns are too frequent or too intense, they can lead to depression and anxiety.  

Imagine you call your friend and he doesn’t answer. You start with these thoughts… I think he doesn’t want to talk to me or I’m not that important for him and so on. This makes you feel bad and frustrated, and you may even go to an extent of fighting with your friend and saying things like “You’re too busy. You can’t even have. You can’t even answer my calls. I’m not important for you anymore, so let’s not talk at all. I don’t want to talk about this” and so on.  

This can make the situation worse and at times even create problems in your relationships. You make assumptions about why someone does something or what they are thinking or feeling without actually knowing what the reality is.  

Here we are wearing mental glasses that twist the reality. We falsely imagine that others are negatively thinking about us. This pattern of making assumptions about thoughts and actions of others without adequate evidence leads to unhappiness. Which, if continued for longer time, ends up into depression.  

These negative thoughts infect our relationships, motivation, self, love and happiness, drowning us into endless. And needless stress. 

We need to eradicate or reduce these unhealthy thoughts and we can dramatically change our mood or and our life. We need to start with simple changes.  

First check if these thoughts are facts or opinions. Don’t let negativity be the only focus. Check the reality before jumping to conclusions. Imagine positive scenarios. You may replace your thinking by, “Oh maybe he is driving or he is in a meeting. Let’s try later. I will leave him a message and ask him to call back.” We can even ask the reason for not picking up the phone once we are connected. Thus, we can do a reality check to shed unnecessary stress.  

Let us not forget that our thoughts determine our moods and actions if we use faulty and negative patterns of thinking, our mood will be affected and in turn our actions will be reflected.  

Let’s make an attempt today. Think of times when you must have the following thoughts… “They think we are poor so they will not talk to us. Or he doesn’t like me, so he is insulting me or she thinks I am a loser or? They think I am not good enough, so they’re ignoring me.” If such thoughts are coming to your mind, stop and reflect. Are you actually following the trail of irrational thoughts? If yes, you need to change. Let’s work together. Please feel free to call me, or you can email me. 

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